Motivation and Goal Setting


Ignite Your Inner Drive: Mastering Unstoppable Motivation for Success

This course empowers individuals to tap into their inner drive, understand different types...

Setting and Achieving SMART Goals: The Blueprint to Accomplishment

The Blueprint to Accomplishment: Participants learn how to set clear and actionable goals...

Creating a Motivating Environment: Building Support and Trust

Building Support and Accountability for Goal Attainment: This course teaches individuals how to...

Overcoming Obstacles: Maintaining Motivation in the Face of Challenges

Strategies for Maintaining Motivation in the Face of Challenges: Participants develop resilience, learn...
English, Spanish

Motivation Mastery: Cultivating Consistency and Momentum

Cultivating Consistency and Momentum on Your Journey: This course provides strategies for sustaining...

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인문계 전공 대학 중퇴생이 페이스북 Technical Program Manager 채용 인터뷰 제안을 받은 이야기

때는 2016년, 코드스테이츠를 창업하고 얼마 지나지 않아 해외 기업...

왜 우리는 코드스테이츠를 운영하나?

코드스테이츠를 시작하기전에 나는 평범한 인문계 대학생이었다. 일반 인문계 고등학교를...

도움 요청의 힘

페이스북 본사 방문 항상 기회가 된다면 페이스북 본사 방문을 해보고...

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